Innovative advertising
platform from
  • Leading Technology
  • Vast Formats
  • Proven Reliability
  • Transparent Data
Cover every demand source
for maximum revenue
  • Constant search for new sources
    supports all major global demand sources like Google AdMob, Meta,
    Applovin, UnityAds and more. But we continue to explore and test new
    demand sources. New sources can be added with a simple library update.
  • Owned Ad Exchange
    operates AdPie ad exchange which is receiving demand requests
  • Owned mediation and algorithm
    Our own mediation solution minimizes eCPM fluctuations by diversifying
    demand sources.
Leading Technology
Get the most revenue out of
every impression
We’ve diversified our demand pipeline to
reduce eCPM fluctuations, receive highest
bid for every impression, and increase
response rate on requests.
Ad Network A
Ad Network A
Ad Network B
Ad Network C
Highest eCPM
Highest eCPM
Highest eCPM
Optimal eCPM
Our proprietary metrics and
algorithms for real-time
  • Dynamic waterfall ™
    To dynamically respond to eCPM fluctuations, we’ve developed a
    prediction algorithm for bidding and mediation.
  • Concentrated optimization ™
    Optimize ad revenue not only at publisher and country level but
    at each viewer level.
  • Full Automation
    Totally automate your monetization process for all your demand sources.
    No more manual mediation or eCPM adjustments.
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Rewarded Video Ads
Rewarded Video Ads
Users are rewarded with in-app benefit for watching a video ad.
Interstitial Ads
Interstitial Ads
Full-screen ad that appears between two pieces of content.
  • Standard Banner
  • MREC Banner
Banner Ads
  • Standard Banner
    A rectangular ad displayed on the top or bottom of the screen.
  • MREC (Medium Rectangle) Banner
    A rectangular banner placed in the middle of the screen.
Native Ad
Native Ads
Ads that match the look, feel, and function of the app on which
it appears.
10+ years of our own experience
as a mobile app, game developer.
Through years of experience and operational excellence,
platform has
proven its reliability. For technical issues that does arise, we pinpoint and
provide accurate solutions.
With over a decade of experience as mobile game/app publisher, we have the skills you need as a developer
Mobile Game, Apps
Proven results and reliability
with over 700 apps.
We’ve fine-tuned our technology over the years with hundreds of partner
apps. Integrate
with ease and reliability.
Holistic and transparent access to data.
Our data comes directly from each source’s reporting API, giving you access to performance data across all demand sources.
Simple and transparent ad source data
*We are constantly improving our dashboard, so this view is subject to change.
Easy billing.
Using data collected via the reporting API, settle with all demand source with just one invoice with
Easy billing
*We are constantly improving our dashboard, so this view is subject to change.