Innovative Advertising
Platform from
  • Expert technical know-how
  • Various ad format support
  • Reliable development support
  • Transparent integrated dashboard
To maximize performance, we utilize
multiple channels that includes ad
networks, ad exchanges and private
  • Constantly discover, validate
    and apply new ad sources
    We collaborate with a number of global ad sources, including Google AdMob,
    Meta, AppLovin, and UnityAds. We are constantly discovering and validating
    new ad sources ourselves. Newly added ad sources can be easily applied
    by simply updating the
  • Ad Exchange
    We run an ad exchange, AdPie, which is fed ads directly from global to Server
    to Server (S2S).
  • Mediation
    We run our own mediation to help diversify your ad source pipeline and
    minimise eCPM fluctuations.
Expert technical know-how
Advanced ad technology that matches
every single impression with the most
expensive ads
Mediation platform runs bids from multiple ad sources: DSPs, ad networks,
ad exchanges, and other ad sources. No single ad source can reliably deliver
high prices for all ad requests. By diversifying your pipeline, you can minimise
eCPM fluctuations and always aim for the highest unit price and highest
response rate to your ad requests.
Ad Network A
Ad Network A
Ad Network B
Ad Network C
Highest eCPM
Highest eCPM
Highest eCPM
Optimal eCPM
Developed proprietary metrics and
algorithms to respond to
ever-changing ad network eCPMs
  • Dynamic waterfall ™
    Developed algorithms to run bidding and mediation using historical and
    forecast data to dynamically respond to eCPM fluctuations from ad sources.
  • Concentrated optimization ™
    Took ad placement and country optimization one step further to further
    optimise ad revenue for mobile app users.
  • Automated platform
    You don't have to worry about mediation or setting target eCPMs
    - automated platform manages and operates multiple ad sources for you.
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Rewarded Video Ad
Rewarded Video Ad
Supports ad format that offers in-app reward to users who complete
viewing a video.
Interstitial Ad
Interstitial Ad
Supports full-screen ad format that cover the app interface.
Ad can be served at natural transitions within the app.
(when entering the app, when switching screens after exiting a
game, etc.)
  • Standard Banner
  • MREC Banner
Banner Ad
  • Standard Banner
    Supports ad format that appear at the top and bottom of the app screen.
  • MREC Banner
    Supports a medium-sized rectangular ad format that takes up part of the
    app layout.
Native Ad
Native Ad
Supports native ad format that can be customised to run
alongside in-app content.
With over a decade of experience as
mobile game/app publisher, we have
the skills you need as a developer
With years of operational experience, we take proactive steps to lower issue
rates and associated risks. We also provide quick and accurate resolution to
technical issues that arise from library integrations and go-lives.
With over a decade of experience as mobile game/app publisher, we have the skills you need as a developer
Mobile Game/Apps
Stable library used by over 700 apps
library is media-friendly and battle-hardened as proven by many of
our client apps. It provides a simple and reliable way to integrate numerous ad
Simple and transparent ad source data
We aggregate data from all our ad sources so that you can see the performance of all your ad sources in one place.
Simple and transparent ad source data
*Subject to change due to ongoing renewal.
Easy settlement
We process payments based on data aggregated in your dashboard. You can easily see revenue from multiple ad sources in a single invoice.
Easy settlement
*Subject to change due to ongoing renewal.